Yellow Van Travels

About Us

We are Ben and Meagan and we love to travel.

Ben is a grad student studying Instructional Psychology and Technology. He loves anything techy and loves to learn about the things around him. He is determined and willing to work for what he wants in life. He is witty, energetic and enjoys making people laugh. 
Meagan is a first grade teacher. She loves to cook (and Ben loves to eat). Photography is also a hobby of hers. When she isn’t teaching or planning lessons, you can find her reading, watching HGTV, or planning future trips.

The Yellow Van
Ben has a dream of owning a VW van and traveling across the country in it. Meagan doesn’t share that dream, well at least the van part. For a birthday present in 2015, Meagan got Ben the yellow die cast van of his dreams that now travels with us. 
We started this blog after getting so many compliments on our Instagram pictures with our yellow van in scenic places from our travels. We want to document more in-depth our travels and give you as our readers our first hand experiences. We have traveling and exploring the world as a priority in our family and want to share that with you. We hope to give you information you can use when planning your own family vacations. 
So come with us as we pack up our little yellow van and explore what this amazing world has to offer.