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Visiting the Titanic Belfast Museum

Europe is filled with many museums. This is especially the case in the British Isles. When we were in Belfast, Northern Ireland we made a stop at the Titanic Belfast Museum and it was a delight. It is a beautiful, modern museum that offers an amazing way to experience the Titanic.

Visiting the Titanic Belfast Museum

Basic Info for the Titanic Belfast Museum:

Since we were in Belfast as a stop on a cruise, we didn’t have a car to get to the Titanic Belfast Museum. So we relied on public transportation. We stopped at the city center in their visitor’s center and the ladies working there were super helpful with getting us on the right bus and giving us maps of how to get to the museum.

Yellow van outside Titanic Belfast Museum

The museum itself was fairly expensive for a museum, but it is so well done that it was worth every cent. (It won the Museum of the World award in 2016.) Below are the prices for tickets:

Admission prices to Titanic Belfast Museum

There is also an audio guide you can purchase for 3 pounds or you can download the audioguide app on iTunes for $2.

Inside the museum there is a restaurant and cafe that had pretty good food. In addition to entry to the museum, you also get entry to the SS Nomadic which was a Titanic tendering ship.

We spent 2.5 hours just inside the museum and another 20-30 minutes at the SS Nomadic.

SS Nomadic outside Titanic Belfast Museum

What You Will See and Do at the Titanic Belfast Museum:

The Titanic Belfast Museum is one of my favorite museums I have ever been to. It starts out with a brief history of Belfast before the Titanic was built. From there it shows how the Titanic was built, how the Titanic went down, investigations by the United States and the Brits about the Titanic as well as where the Titanic is now and the discovery of it.

Inside Titanic Belfast Museum

My favorite thing inside the Titanic Belfast Museum was the ride. Yes, there is a ride inside the museum! It is a ride that takes you through how the Titanic was built. It was so cool!

In addition to the ride, there is also a virtual tour of the interior of the Titanic, a movie about the discovery of the Titanic as well as lots of neat, interactive displays.

Inside Titanic Belfast Museum

Sum Up:

The Titanic Belfast Museum is one of our favorite museums we have ever been to. The high price is definitely worth the entry as well as the audioguide. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to experience the museum and don’t forget to go to the SS Nomadic too since it is included in your ticket price.

Outside Titanic Belfast Museum