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Kangaroo Zoo in Pleasant Grove, Utah

As a kid, inflatable bouncy houses were one of my favorite things at the fair. As you know I have never been much a thrill rides person so bouncy houses were the chill option for me. Generally with a bouncy attraction though, you only get a short, limited time inside or a single time through. That can be a bit of a disappointment as a kid especially if you had to wait in line for a long time. That is what is great about the Kangaroo Zoo in Pleasant Grove Utah, you can play as long as you want, as many times as you want, and you only pay once.

Title card showing the area of the kangaroo zoo

What is the Kangaroo Zoo?

Essentially the Kangaroo Zoo is a warehouse space full of bouncy attractions. There are houses, courses, and slides of all kinds. Kids can go and bounce through as many of these as they want as many times as the want. We took our two year old niece to play here and she absolutely loved it.

Ben and Niece at Kangaroo Zoo

One of the nice things about the Kangaroo Zoo is that they have some attractions designated only for children under a certain age. This creates a good area where smaller children can play without be run over by larger children. It is also nice if a child is more scared of some of the larger slides and courses because these ones are more low key.

A mushroom bouncy at the Kangaroo Zoo

There is a good variety of different themes in the bouncy attractions so it is fun for kids to go through as many as they are comfortable with. Our niece started out scared of the larger ones. Once she had done the smaller houses and slides a few times she was more comfortable and would go with me through the large ones. By the end she would do even the highest slides by herself.

How to Get to the Kangaroo Zoo

The Kangaroo Zoo we went to is in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We found that it was a little hard to find at first mostly because its location is a little out of the way. Most people will come in on I-15 and take the Pleasant Grove Boulevard exit. Then North on Pleasant Grove Boulevard until you turn right onto W 700 S. The Kangaroo Zoo will then be on your right in a strip of warehouses.

Some bouncy slides at Kangaroo Zoo

The cost to get in is 8.99 per person on weekdays and 9.99 per person on weekends. Children 2 and under are only 5.00. The nice thing is that you don’t have a time limit so you can stay as long as you want. You don’t have to pay for observers either, only for bouncers. If you are going make sure that you have socks for everyone that will be bouncing.