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The 5 People You Meet in the National Parks [Infographic]

When you visit the National Parks, you begin to see the same people, or at least the same type of people over and over again. There are five types of people or groups of people that you will see at just about every National Park you visit. This infographic shows the 5 people you will meet along with the vehicle they arrive in and their favorite park to visit.

Here at Yellow Van Travels we love National Parks! When we planned our current series we didn’t know that a national conversation with heated controversy and important questions would be going on around the National Parks at the same time.

The issue of whether or not to raise entrance fees on the National Parks is a complicated one. I can see both sides of the issue. We need easy access to our National Parks because it’s an important part of the American experience to visit them and that opportunity should be available to everyone.

At the same time the parks are only usable if they are maintained and they can only be maintained if they can pay workers and for infrastructure. If we lose that we really don’t have National Parks at all. With an administration that appears hostile to the National Parks and their mission funding is bound to be a huge concern.

We recently wrote a post on how to get a National Parks Pass that goes over the current options for getting unlimited access to the parks.

Whatever happens with the current discussion we hope that the parks remain accessible to the five people you meet in the National Parks, and everyone.