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Disney’s California Adventure: A Bug’s Land

We are continuing our Disney’s California Adventure Series with our next stop in California Adventure: A Bug’s Land. If you missed our last post, check it out here where Ben goes into the details of Car’s Land (Radiator Springs).

Atmosphere in A Bug’s Land:

As you enter A Bug’s World inside of Disney’s California Adventure, you will feel like you have shrunk to bug size. Disney does such a wonderful job building their theme parks in order for you to have a complete, immersive experience.

A Bug’s World is definitely geared more towards little ones, but as adults Ben and I thoroughly enjoyed walking around A Bug’s Land because it was so well done! From seeing gigantic pencils and straws to TONS of larger than life leaves, you really do feel like a bug as you wander through A Bug’s Land.

The Rides in A Bug’s Land:

The rides at A Bug’s Land are definitely geared towards younger children. “The younger you are, the bigger the fun!” according to the California Adventure flyer.

Francis’ Ladybug Boogie

Hop into a ladybug car and get ready to spin! Similar to a teacup-style ride, you will spin in a figure eight around a track as you move to some fun music. You don’t have to turn anything to spin; all you need to do is lean! There are no height limits for this ride.

Flik’s Flyers

Hop into an old food container like a cookie box or a take-out container topped with a leaf balloon and take a flight above A Bug’s Land. Similar in style to a spinning swing ride (but you’re in a much sturdier cart) you will get taken up up and away as you see an overland view of A Bug’s Land.

Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies

Underneath a grand circus tent, you will get into some (very low speed) bug cars and race to bump into each other. Basically bumper cars, this ride is only for kiddos over 36′. Each car can take two passengers.

Princess Dot Puddle Park

A splash pad INSIDE of California Adventure?! This is a great little spot to stand underneath large spigots and sprinklers to cool off from the hot California sunshine. Perfect for any age, this is always a popular spot on warm days. If your little ones get a little too wet, there are restrooms (including large family restrooms) right next door.

Heimlich Chew Chew Train

This is a ride Ben and I actually did go on. You get into a slow moving train that looks like Heimlich and he takes you through his afternoon snacking escapades. You will pass through larger than life food that makes it look like Heimlich is eating it! In addition to being super fun to look at, you will also get a smelly experience. As you pass through certain foods, their smell is emitted to add another layer of fun to this ride.

It’s Tough to be a Bug

This is more of an experience that is located more towards the main area of California Adventure. You will go into a small theater and put on your Bug Goggles for a fun 4D theater experience.

Sum Up:

A Bug’s Land is the best place in California Adventures for our littlest friends. With shorter lines than other areas of the park, it is a great way to take your kids on more rides in a shorter amount of time. Even if you’re going without kids or have older children, it is still worth a walk through just to experience more of that Disney magic.

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