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How to Catch a Mr. Mime in London in Pokemon Go

am die hard traveler which Meagan really supports, I am also a die hard Pokemon Go player, which Meagan grudgingly tolerates. Traveling is a huge advantage if you are a Pokemon Go player because you end up in places where you can catch Pokemon you rarely or never see at home. The Pokemon Mr. Mime is exclusive to the Western Europe area so I know I had to catch a Mr. Mime in London while we were there this summer. 

Title card for How to Catch a Mr. Mime in London in Pokemon Go. Shows Mr.Mime with Big Ben

Since I know many people arriving going to England harbor hopes of both seeing the beautiful sights and catching a Mr. Mime in London I have put together a little guide on how to do it.


1. Make Your Goal Known

What I have discovered is that it is easier for traveling companions to accept you playing a limited amount of Pokemon Go if you let them know ahead of time that you will be doing it. I let Meagan know when we were planning our trip to England that I wanted to catch a Mr. Mime in London. This prepared here mentally that I would be playing the game.

It helped that I made my goal specific. I needed to catch at least three Mr. Mime in London so that if trading ever arrives in Pokemon Go I will have a couple for my brother and best friend. Since Meagan know what the expectation was going in she could prepared.

2. Go Out to Specifically to Catch Mr. Mime in London

In London there is so much to do and so much to take in that you really can’t be focused on sightseeing and catching Mr. Mime at the same time. So while you might check your phone when you are walking through Hyde Park, or spin a Pokestop at Big Ben, you can’t really focus on both things at the same time.

I suggest you get the most out of your trip by focusing on sightseeing while you are sightseeing and then going out during downtime specifically to catch Mr. Mime.

3. Try at night

While I was trying to catch Mr. Mime in London I found much better success finding him at night. I don’t know if he is specifically a more nocturnal Pokemon like Zubat, but he certainly turned up for me after the game screen changed from day mode to night mode. I caught four Mr. Mime while I was in London and three of them were after dark.

4. Hunt in populated areas

All of London is pretty populated, but if you go to areas where lots of people often are, particularly where they use lots of cellular data you seem to have a better chance at finding Mr. Mime. This means you may want to return to some of the popular sights that you have already visited and enjoyed specifically looking for Mr. Mime

I believe Niantic tries to make the regionally exclusive Pokemon accessible in popular tourist areas. At least I always find a lot more Tauros in big American tourist cities than I do normally.

5. Throw a Curve Ball

This should probably go without being said, but you don’t know how many Mr. Mime you’ll see so make the most of each chance. One of the best ways to increase your capture rate is to throw a curve ball. So before you go on your trip practice throwing curve balls so that when you do find Mr. Mime in London you’ll be able to catch him.

Sum Up

Catching a Mr. Mime in London was not overly difficult for me, and I think if you devote just a little time to it you should be able to find one. Having Pokemon Go track my travel is one of my favorite aspects of the game. Each Pokemon you catch will show where and when it was caught so it is fun to be able to go back and look at it.

Mr. Mime is a Pokemon that few non-cheating Pokemon go players have in the U.S. so if you are a collector it is well worth it to catch one while you are in London anyway.