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Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum in St. George

The Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum in St. George is an expansive museum showing taxidermied wildlife (mostly mammals) from around the world. If you have a moral opposition to hunting this will not be a good place for you to visit, otherwise I think you will enjoy it. I am not particularly into animals and even I thoroughly enjoyed it (of course I am into museums).

title card showing the Rosenbruch wildlife museum main hall.

How to Get to the Wildlife Museum

The Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum is located toward the southern part of St. George. If you head south on I-15 as though you were going toward Las Vegas it will be on your left. You can see it from the interstate but you need to take Exit 5 to get there. It is located in a building joined to the Dixie Convention Center. The address isĀ 1835 S. Convention Center Drive.

Because it is with the convention center there is lots of free parking there. When you are walking in from the parking lot it is the part of the building sticking out on you left. Since the whole museum is inside it provides a nice escape from the St. George heat. There is an admission charge of $8 for adults, $4 for children(3-12), and $6 for seniors (55+).

Meagan with a Polar Bear

What You Will See at the Wildlife Museum

The museum is pretty large, especially when you realize that it is almost all the personal collection of Jimmie Rosenbruch. We highly suggest that you use the audio tour provided on speaker wands to get more out of the museum. This audio tour is used in place of explanatory plaques and will help you learn a lot more. You can choose audio spots you listen to using the keypad so you can skip however many you would like.Two big mountain goats

The pathway of the museum leads you clearly through different areas of the world with the animals who live in each area displayed along the sides of the path. The exhibits are very well constructed to give you a feel for the environment in which the animals lived. Make sure you at least listen to the main audio spot for each habitat.

An interesting looking animal, kind of looks like a goat.

Most of the exhibits are inside of one large, cavernous hall. You can’t see everything all at once however because many of the habitats are on a large man made mountain that obscures much of the hall from immediate view. Once you reach the top however you can look back and see the whole thing, which is cool. The climb to the top happens subtly on ramps, so it is accessible to wheel chairs and strollers.


Meagan with a Giraffe Sum Up

The Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum is a great place to visit. It gives you the chance to see animals up close that you likely won’t be able to see any other way. It is well designed and has a great audio guide to lead you through and help you learn while viewing the animals. We highly recommend it even though we are not that into animals or hunting.