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Disneyland’s Fantasyland

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Disneyland means many things to many people, but if there is one word that gets used the most to describe it that word has to be “magical”. Which is why there may not be any area of the park that encapsulates the Disney feeling more than Fantasyland.

How to Get to Fantasyland

One of the things that makes Fantasyland so iconic amongst the areas of Disneyland is that it’s entrance passes through the gates of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Looking down Main Street at this castle is a mental image that encapsulates Disneyland for me.

This makes getting to Fantasyland very easy. Once you have passed through the turnstile into the park you go around the train station in front of you by going left.  This will take you on to Main Street. You will see the castle on the far end of the street past the statues of Walt and Mickey. Make your way over the drawbridge and under the portcullis and you have entered Fantasyland.


What You Will See and Do in Fantasyland

Fantasyland is characterized by medieval looking buildings, and fairly calm cart style rides. It has a great charm to it that makes you feel as though you are in one of the Disney fairytales.

Peter Pan’s Flight

On your right when coming out of the castle is the Peter Pan’s Flight ride. This is an easy ride on a flying pirate ship through the story of Peter Pan. It is safe for pregnant mothers and small children. And even I love riding it. This is one of our top rides in the park. It must be a favorite of many people because wait times on it are always long. We recommend getting in line here first thing.



Snow White, Pinocchio, and Mr. Toad

All these rides are located near Peter Pan. They all work on the same principle of taking a car through the story of the movies they represent. They are easy rides and safe for pregnant mothers and children. Lines for these rides tend to be fairly short, so they are a good option if you need to get a kid on a ride fast.

King Arthur’s Carousel

Located in the center of Fantasyland is a round ride for the king of the roundtable. However, despite its name this ride is more Sleeping Beauty themed than Sword in the Stone. Pictures of the Princess Aurora adorn the central pillar and you’ll ride white chargers like Prince Phillip. It’s a fun an easy ride, safe for all.

The only King Arthur thing about it is the sword in the anvil out front. Try to pull this sword out and you will know if you are the true king of all England.

Alice in Wonderland and the Teacups

The Alice in Wonderland ride is one of the few rides in Disneyland that I don’t think I have ever ridden. But from what I understand it is another of the slow moving cart rides through the story of the movie.

Next to that ride are the iconic Teacups, courtesy of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. If you can handle the spinning I think you will enjoy this ride. It is especially beautiful at night when the Chinese lanterns are lit.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Another one of the rides I have never ridden is Dumbo. You essentially fly around in a circle inside a recreation of the large eared elephant. This ride must be enjoyable for some people because it is featured in ads all the time, but it has never tickled my fancy.

Storybook Canal Boats

Another of our top favorite rides is the Storybook Canal Boats. You’ll board a boat with a storyteller/skipper. The ride will take you through the mouth of tho monstrous whale and into the the land of the storybook. Here you will see miniature models of many of the fairytale castles and villages while the storyteller tells you about who lives there.

There is nothing scary about this ride and as long as you don’t tip out of the boat it is safe for everyone. It does however seem to have temporary closures quite often, so keep an eye on the Disneyland app and go when it is open.


Sleeping Beauty Castle and Snow White’s Wishing Well

The castle that you came through to enter Fantasyland is also a walkthrough attraction. Look for the entrance on the left hand side when entering Fantasyland. You can walkthrough the castle and relive the story of Sleeping Beauty. This only takes a few minutes and you never have to wait in line. It does require climbing stairs however, so it is not fully accessible.


Just to the right side of the castle before you enter it is Snow White’s Wishing Well. This is a nice spot to visit, but there isn’t really anything going on in here. It is a good spot out of the way to take a rest though.

Matterhorn Bobsleds

The only “big” ride in Fantasyland is the giant mountain that towers between it and Tomorrowland. This is a rollercoaster type ride that puts you in a bobsled carving down the sides of the Matterhorn mountain. It is a fast, dark, and sometimes scary ride. You will likely have to stand in line for a while for this one, but if you happen to be the only person wanting to ride there is a single rider line that can get you sledding much faster.


It’s a Small World

“The happiest cruise that ever sailed” is located at the end of Fantasyland on your way to Toontown. This classic ride was first built for the World’s Fair in New York. It is a boat ride that takes you through the world displaying animatronic dolls representing many people and cultures. The slow moving boats are safe for pregnant mothers and small children.


The line for this ride moves pretty quickly. If you happen to be standing in line near the striking of the hour you will get to see the It’s a Small World clock go off. Also while standing in line look for famous buildings in the façade and animals in the bushes.

It’s a Small World is completely redecorated during the Christmas season and it worth riding in both states. During Christmas the entire façade is covered in lights and the inside is redecorated to show holiday and winter traditions around the world. Even the song is remixed with some classic Christmas tunes.

Fantasyland Theater

Located just before entering Toontown is the Fantasyland Theater. This is where musical theater productions are performed by the Disneyland cast. The theater has a stage up front a large number of benches for the audience to sit on. The whole seating area is under a canopy so it is a great place to get out of the sun (or rain) and rest for a bit while watching a show.

While we were there this year the show was Mickey and the Magical Map. It was a fun little show with a lot of Disney tunes. It took about 25 minutes.


Sum Up

Fantasyland is so much fun. It is especially great for kids, or like me, kids at heart. I love stepping into the magical world and feeling amazed. A thrill goes through me when I step through the castle into this magical place and I just love looking at everything around me. You should definitely make it a priority on your Disneyland list. The rides we most recommend are Peter Pan’s Flight, Storybook Canal boats, and It’s a Small World.

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