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Visiting Oia on the Island of Santorini, Greece

When you think of the Greek islands, you think of cliffs, bright white washed buildings and brilliant blue roofs. The town of Oia, located on the island of Santorini, is the perfect picturesque Greek town and should be a definite must see on your Santorini or Greek Island vacation.

Visiting Oia, Santorini

How to Get to Oia:

The best way to get around Santorini is to take the local busses. All of the busses are based out of the central village of Fria. Fria is the town that is basically at the top of the cliffs, right when you get off the cable cars or donkey path.

Town of Oia, Santorini

The bus “station” is located in the middle of Fria. The local buses all look like old tour busses so don’t wait around looking for the public buses you are used to. The front of the busses say where they are going. On the side of the bus station is a map that shows all the routes on the island. You can’t buy tickets at the station. When you are on the bus someone will come along and take your money based on how far you are going. Make sure you have cash with you as they won’t be able to take a card.

Ride the bus towards Oia. You will get off at the last stop. The bus ride is about 20 minutes long.

Visiting Oia, Santorini

What You Will See:

Oia is such a beautiful town that is so perfect for really feeling like you are in Greece. There is a main pedestrian pathway just up the road from the bus stop. From that main path, there are little shoot offs that you can wander out to see better views of this cliffside town.

Town of Oia, Santorini

There is a main outlook place on the corner of the island that looks like a fortress. From there you can see out into the ocean as well as up the cliffs around the edge of the town.


There are plenty of cute shops and restaurants as well as beautiful reports. Because we were only there for a day for our cruise, we spent our whole morning just wandering around this cute little town and taking sooo many pictures.

Town of Oia, Santorini

Sum Up:

If you’re looking to visit your typical, beautiful, white washed and blue roofed Greek island, Oia is your place. It is a beautiful town that is perfect for wandering, getting lost, and experiencing.

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Town of Oia, Santorini