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Philadelphia Travel Guide (and day trip ideas!)

We spent a whirlwind 3 days in Pennsylvania. During those few days we drove all over the state and experienced a lot of fun and interesting things. In this post, I’ve put together the perfect one day travel guide for Philadelphia as well as a few other day trip ideas.



Make sure to start out your day as early as possible. We chose to park at the National Constitution Center for the day. Your first stop should be to the Visitor’s Center just across the street from the Constitution Center to pick up your tickets to see Independence Hall.
After your tickets are picked up, we suggest going right to the Liberty Bell first thing. The line gets longer as the day goes on. When we went shortly after it opened, we didn’t have to wait in line at all. Also when we got to see theĀ Liberty Bell, we were able to easily get around it and have good views.


If you have early tickets for Independence Hall, head over there right after you finish the Liberty Bell. You need to be at the security line about 20 minutes before the time on your tickets. Check out more info on Independence Hall here. After your tour, there are a few other free tours in the same building that do not require tickets that we highly recommend you visit.


After Independence Hall, make sure to head back over to the National Constitution Center. There are lots of fun and interactive exhibits.


The rest of the afternoon, you can spend at Franklin Court. There is a really fun museum, a print shop and a few other exhibits about Benjamin Franklin. We found this to be a true hidden gem in Philadelphia.


If you have time at the end of your day, make sure to head over to see the LOVE Statue. Usually it is housed at LOVE Park (JFK Plaza), but while they are renovating the park it has been temporarily re-located to Dilworth Park. Reading Market is in the same area and is also a great stop!


Other Day Trips:

If you’re in Philadelphia for more than a day, here are a few other things that we did while we were there that we highly recommend you take the time to visit.

Valley Forge

Valley Forge is just outside of Philadelphia and it is such a great stop! It doesn’t take more than a few hours to go through and is so beautiful and full of history. Check out our experience at Valley Forge here.



Gettysburg is another beautiful and historic place that you could spend all day at. There is a beautiful museum and fun experiences as well as the battleground itself. If you finish visiting the grounds and museum, check out the cute little tourist town of Gettysburg. Check out our full review here.



Located in northern Pennsylvania, Susquehanna is a small town that you have to want to go to to get there. If you are LDS (or even if you’re not) going to Susquehanna and seeing the Priesthood Restoration Site is an amazing experience. This was one of my favorite things we did during our trip to Pennsylvania. The surrounding area is absolutely beautiful and the site is absolutely amazing. You can see what we thought by reading our post here.