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Chalk The Block at the Riverwoods

Every year in September the Riverwoods outdoor mall in Provo, UT hosts one of my favorite events, Chalk the Block. Artists from around the area come to do their best drawings in parking stalls at the Riverwoods in support of a good cause. We have attended Chalk the Block three years now and this coming weekend (September 22-24) will be our fourth time.

How to Get There

The Riverwoods mall is located in the northern most part of Provo just before the mouth of Provo Canyon. You just take University Avenue north in Provo and the mall will be on your left. There is a large sign with electronic screens on it at the entrance.
It is not hard to find, but during events parking can be difficult. This is especially true of Chalk the Block where all of the parking spaces at the front end of the mall are being drawn in by artists. Normally it is best to turn left at the entrance sign and head west until you get the the parking lot for the movie theater and try to park there. If you luck out and find parking it is just a short walk across the parking lot to the mall. If you don’t find parking follow signs to the overflow lots where they have shuttles to bring you back to the mall.

What You Will See

You will see lots of amazing chalk art. Beyond that it is hard to say, you can see many different types, styles, and themes of art at Chalk the Block. Depending on which day you go will determine how finished the drawings will be when you see them. If you go on the Thursday you won’t see much done but you will see lots of artists working on their pieces. If you go on Saturday most of the pieces will be done so you won’t see much of the drawing taking place.
You just walk up and down the rows of parking spaces looking at the different drawings. There are many different skill levels at the event so you will see all kinds, including special “featured” artists who get large spaces and do more complex drawings. Some drawing will be “perspective” drawings and will have a certain place where you should stand to appreciate the full effect.

Sum Up

Chalk the Block is a really fun free family activity. It is great for kids because so many of the pictures are often of things kids like. It is hard to predict what the weather will be like in September in Provo so make sure if it is hot that you bring water with you. Of course since it takes place in a parking lot the event is fully wheelchair and stroller friendly. Plan on at least and hour or two to see all the drawings.