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Review: Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpacks

When you are traveling, especially while you are hiking, one of the most important items to have is a good backpack. Enter in the Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpacks.

Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpacks Title Card

We purchased these backpacks earlier this year and we have been so happy with them! We bought them after our Grand Canyon trip. On that trip, we used another Eddie Bauer backpack (similar here) that was great, but it was a little much for what we needed.

Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpacks

These Stowaway backpacks are lightweight, collapsable and the two different sizes are perfect for what we need on our hikes and while traveling.

Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpack large

Ben has the smaller, sling style backpack. It has one large pocket and one smaller pocket on the front of the bag. On the strap it has a small mesh pocket that perfectly holds a cell phone. It also has a water bottle pocket on the side that is perfect for carrying your water bottle or a yellow van. In this backpack we usually carry our DSLR camera in the larger main pocket. It makes it super accessible for me to pull out the camera while we are hiking since I am the main photographer. We also put our selfie stick and Gorilla Pod in the main pocket. In the smaller pocket, we usually keep the yellow van.

Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpack small with Yellow Van

I have the larger, normal style backpack. It has one large, main compartment as well as two smaller pockets on the front. One pocket is towards the top of the bag and is a half circle style. This pocket is perfect for holding small things that you don’t want to get lost. I usually keep my phone and charger, battery pack, and chapstick in this pocket. The other small pocket has a vertical zipper that opens into a pocket that takes up most of the front of the backpack. In this pocket we liked to keep maps and sunscreen. The main pocket held all of the random things we might need on the hike like sweatshirts, hats, a gallon water jug and snacks. My backpack also has two water bottle pockets on the sides. One always held my Atlasware water bottle while the other one often held a can of sunscreen.

Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpack large

One of our favorite things about these bags is that they are collapsable; they fold in on themselves to create tiny pouches that make it so easy to store! Instead of taking up the room of a normal backpack in our closets, they fit nicely into our box of travel items. Sometimes when we travel, we don’t need the backpacks for the actual travel, but rather for an activity once we get to our destination. It is so nice to just throw them into our suitcases and then unfold them when it’s time to use them. When folded up they have a nice handle that you can clip a careener to and then clip the folded up back onto another bag as well.

Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpacks packed up

We are so pleased with these Stowaway backpacks from Eddie Bauer. They are very high quality, lightweight, and don’t take up too much space.

Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpack large
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