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Pierron Designs Travel Scarf Review

We just spent the last three weeks in Europe for a wonderful vacation. We were able to explore parts of the world that we had never been and our eyes were opened to how other parts of the world operate.

We had been planning this trip for about 6 months and during that time I was looking into ways to travel safely. I knew we would be going to very popular places that were known for pickpocketing and I wanted to find travel accessories that would be able to carry the things we needed while helping me have piece of mind knowing that our important things (passports, money, debit cards) wouldn’t get stolen.

While researching, I came across travel scarves. These are scarves with a hidden pocket in them so you can store your passports, phone, money, or cards right in your scarf without worrying about them being lifted right out of your pocket.

Travel infinity scarf with secret pocket

As I was looking into getting a travel scarf for our trip, Ben came across a company on Etsy called Pierron Designs that specializes in these scarves. We reached out to them and they gave me a scarf to use on our trip in exchange for a review of their product.

And I have to say, I am absolutely in LOVE with my scarf!

Pierron Designs is a husband and wife duo (Chad and Jessie) who love to travel and create. Jessie is behind the sewing machine and creates high quality scarves in absolutely beautiful fabrics. While Chad does amazing photography and takes care of the Internet stuff.

I received a 100% cotton travel infinity scarf in a teal watercolor print. While this fabric is not currently in their shop they still have other amazing fabrics and patterns. My wardrobe has lots of greens and blues so I knew that this scarf would go perfectly with most of the clothes I was packing for our trip.

Jessie cutting out my scarf!! (Photo from @pierrondesigns on Instagram)
Jessie cutting out my scarf!! (Photo from @pierrondesigns on Instagram)

This scarf was the perfect accessory. It made my boring wardrobe of only t-shirts pop with a little extra something. But more than that, it was USEFUL! I wore my scarf when we were traveling through airports both to and from Europe. It was able to perfectly hold both of our passports as well as my phone. It was super easy to pull out our passports as we were going through security and boarding our flights because they were right in front of my face; I didn’t have to dig around in my backpack to find them.

Travel infinity scarf flat lay with shirts

While we were out and about traveling, I liked to keep my phone as well as my debit card and some cash in the pocket. It made me feel so safe to have my most important items with me right in front of my face.

Now part of the problem with a travel scarf is that while it replaces the need for a purse in a lot of situations, it isn’t a purse. That being said, you can’t load down the pocket with too much stuff. If you do, it will start to drag down. The only time I had that problem was when we were in the airports and I had two passports and my iPhone 6s in the pocket. But, because we were mostly just sitting at gates waiting for planes it didn’t bother me too much. And after we boarded the plane, I took out the passports to put them away in my backpack and added gum and headphones to my pocket so I wouldn’t have to constantly be getting in and out of my backpack while we were flying.

Travel infinity scarf holding two passports

So if you can handle only taking the bare essentials in your scarf (phone, debit card, cash) then it works out perfectly. In additional to traveling to Europe, I used my travel scarf when I took my first graders on a field trip to the zoo. It was perfect to hold my phone, my debit card and a list of my student groups. I love how I can use this scarf all the time, not just when I’m traveling.

I love my scarf so much that I can’t wait to get one of their jersey knit scarves. While I did use my scarf a lot in the airports and quite a bit while we were in Paris, once we hit the Mediterranean on our cruise, I didn’t use my scarf as much because the weather was SO HOT and the fabric was a little heavy for 95 degrees with high humidity. If I had had a jersey knit scarf as well, I probably would have used it during that part of our trip.

Jessie and Chad are so wonderful to work with. They really care about their customers. And their packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It is an experience on its own opening up your scarf from them.

Pierron Design packaging
Now come on, isn’t this the cutest packing you have ever seen! (Photo from @pierrondesigns on Instagram)

I seriously can’t say enough kind words about Pierron Designs. They make beautiful, high-quality products with breathtaking packaging. They are also very kind, happy people.

To see their latest work, go check out their Etsy site here. They have some good discounts going on right now on some of their patriotic merchandise. And to stay up to date on their newest designs as well as some behind the scenes info, check out their Instagram feed.

Here are three of my favorite scarves they currently have in their shop:

Favorite scarves from Pierron Design
Navy Polka Dot (100% Cotton)        Beige/Black Aztec (Jersey Knit)       World Map (100% Cotton)
**We received this scarf free of charge to review on our blog. All opinions are 100% my own.**