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From the Road: Last Day in Venice

Since last you heard from us we have been to a lot of different places, finished an amazing cruise, and are just about to wrap up the European vacation. There has been so much going on that I couldn’t possibly tell you all about it in one post, but don’t worry, detailed posts will be coming over the next few months. For now I’ll just give you a few highlights.


We had a bit of rough start getting into the city, but after that we enjoyed a great day seeing the remnants of the Ancient Greek culture at the Acropolis and the Agora. Seeing where so much of our western ideas and philosophy began was pretty amazing.



While it is the second biggest city in Greece we can’t say that this was one of our top spots. We did visit the White Tower which is the symbol of the city, but it wasn’t made for tall people and we shortly headed back to the ship because Meagan’s head had an unfortunate encounter with an old low ceiling.


Many people including ourselves are hesitant to visit Turkey, but we had an absolutely amazing time in this beautiful country. Ephesus is an incredible historic site, and we also saw what remains of the temple of Artemis, adding a second ruined Wonder of the World to this trip.

We also enjoyed shopping in the port town of Kusadasi where any and all genuine fake goods are sold.


This gorgeous island blew us away with its sparkling white towns capped with blue roofs, its red beach, and its beyond ancient Minoan ruins. We also enjoyed riding the cable car and eating fantastic Greek gyros.


This was essentially stepping into the world of my childhood dreams. We toured the walls of Dubrovnik Old Town and wandered the streets between the red roofed houses. It was an absolutely wonderful day.

Venice Round 2:

The cruise came to an end where it began in Venice. We have spent the last two days soaking up more of this singularly unique city that continues to astound and inspire us. We visited the San Marco Basilica, the Frari Church, the Doge’s Palace and the San Marco Campanile in Venice. We also went to the outer islands today, Murano and Burano. We also ate a lot of pizza and gelato which is what you should always do when in Italy.

That’s all for now. We have a couple days of travel ahead of us to get back to the States. Stay tuned for more exciting and helpful info and we digest everything that we’ve seen the last few weeks.