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Double Arch in Arches National Park

Double Arch was by far my favorite hike in the Windows District of Arches National Park. And it was probably my second favorite hike of our whole time in Arches. (My first favorite was definitely Delicate Arch.) This is an easy hike and is really quite a sight to see. Everyone can do this hike and once you get to the arch there are definitely ways to make it more difficult if you want. After your hike, don’t forget to stop over at the Window and Turret arches

Hiking Double Arch in Arches National Park

How to Get There: 

Head North from the Visitor’s Center and turn right after you pass Balanced Rock. As you enter the Windows District, you will pass Garden of Eden on the left and will continue down the road until you come to a parking lot that will loop around. The Double Arch trailhead is on the North side of the parking lot. But when we were there, parking was pretty terrible. We would suggest parking wherever you can find a spot and then walk to the trailhead. There are restrooms in the South side of the parking lot near the North and South Window/Turret Arch trailhead.
Double Arch from the trail
Once you’re on the trailhead, you follow the sandy dirt path to the arch. You can see the arch pretty much the entire way on the trail. The trail is half a mile round trip, perfect for families with all ages of children.
Double arch from underneath

What You Will See:

Once you get to the base, you will see the tallest arch located in the park. You can climb right up inside of it. When we were there, it was a pretty toasty afternoon and Double Arch provided plenty of shade relief. One of our favorite things to do was to lay down underneath the arch and look straight up at it. It is really quite the sight.
Ben in double arch
If you are feeling more adventurous (like Ben was) there are places inside the arch where you can boulder your way higher up for pretty spectacular views. I was not feeling up for the steeper climb, so I just sat underneath the arch in the shade.
Double arch from below

Sum Up:

This is a super easy family hike that we suggest everyone do. It is easily accessible to pretty much everyone and once you get to the arch, there are areas to challenge yourself if you wish. With only a half mile round trip distance, it can be a quick hike to see the tallest arch in Arches National Park. But you can also spend quite a bit of time hanging out and climbing underneath the arch.

Location: Moab, Utah Weather: all kinds Time: 20-30 minutes Price: free with park admission Family: Families including babies