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Corona and Bow Tie Arch

On our last day in Moab, we did not go to either of the national parks. Instead we went a little bit out of the way to a free hike to two amazing arches. While it is probably the most difficult hike we did while in Moab, the view was definitely worth it.

Corona and Bow Tie Arches Title Card


How to Get There:

From Arches National Park, head South on Highway 191for about half a mile. Then turn right onto UT 270 S. Keep left and stay on the road for about 7 miles. You will see a small parking lot to the right where you can park and get to the trailhead. If the parking lot is full, there is another parking lot on the left side of the road where you can park.
Once you get to the trailhead, there will be a sign with specific details for the hike. You will start out climbing a trail that is pretty steep until you get to some railroad tracks. As you cross the railroad tracks, you will see a pretty well marked trail that leads all the way to the arches.
Yellow Van on railroad tracks on hiking trail
Once the trail switches from dirt to mainly slick rock, you are about half way to the arches. As you start hiking on the slick rock, you will encounter some different types of experiences on the hike. First, you will come to some cables that will help you travel up the steepest part of the trail. Shortly after that there is a small ladder to climb up to the last part of the trail.
Yellow van inside cairn arch on Corona and Bow Tie Arch trail

What You Will See:

Once you get to the top of the ladder, you will have a nice view of both arches. This is a good spot to take pictures because you can get you and your family nicely framed with the arch. As you finish your hike you will come to Bow Tie Arch first. This arch is smaller and slightly more difficult to hike up into, but it can be easily enjoyed from below. After you pass Bow Tie Arch, you will see Corona Arch. You can hike right under the arch and it has a nice open area to sit down and take a rest.
Meagan in front of Corona ArchBow Tie Arch

Sum Up:

Bow Tie and Corona Arch are two beautiful arches. While this hike is more on the harder side, it is still doable for most families. At 3 miles round-trip, make sure to bring water and snacks as there is no water on the trail.

Title: Corona and Bow Tie Arches Summary Card; Location: Moab Utah, Season: All; Time: 1 and a half to 2 hours; Cost: Free; People: All ages, not accessible;  Weather: Sunny, Cloudy, Windy