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5 Things We Wish We Brought to Arches National Park

Even though I am a huge planner with a pretty detailed packing list, there are always a few little things I forget to pack. Sometimes there are things I didn’t even consider packing that I really wish I had brought. Here are our top 5 things we wish we had brought with us.

5 Things we wish we had brought to arches national park title card


1. Sunscreen Stick

We did remember to bring sunscreen which was great and we are super glad we did. But, we brought the spray kind which I like more than the lotion kind. The only problem is that I don’t like spraying it on my face. We had a sunscreen stick at home that works good for faces but we forgot it. Next time this will definitely be on our packing list.

2. Taller Socks

Lots of the trails we hiked were pretty dusty and rocky. We only packed our usual ankle length socks but we wish we had packed taller socks so our ankles and feet didn’t get so dirty and itchy.

3. Beanie and Gloves

For our early morning sunrise hikes and views, we really wish we had brought a beanie and gloves. The mornings were quite a bit colder than we were expecting and gloves would have been especially nice when we were trying to take early morning pictures.

4. Chapstick

While I did remember to pack chapstick, we forgot to bring it with us on our first hike and boy did we miss it! With the dry desert air and the often harsh winds, my lips hurt so bad after hiking Delicate Arch. After that tragic first hike, we remembered to leave it in our hiking bag for the rest of our trip.

5. Variety of Snacks

I underestimated the amount of food we would eat after and while we were hiking so much. While I did bring enough food, I really wish I had varied what I brought more. I did bring pretzels, granola bars, Cliff bars, peanuts and fruit. But I wish I had brought a few different kinds of crackers, more Cliff Bars, more of a variety of fruit, trail mix and fruit leather.