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St. George Tabernacle

One of our favorite places for a quick vacation is St. George, Utah. Only 4 hours away from Salt Lake City, it is close enough to get to in a day and still have time to do things, but still far enough away to feel like a vacation.

When we go to St. George, we like to do a mix of things; Ben loves hiking while I love historical sites. One of my favorite places to go in St. George is the LDS Historical Tabernacle.

St. George Historic Tabernacle title card

How to Get There:
Located at the intersection of Main Street and Tabernacle Street, the Historic Tabernacle can’t be missed. Head West on St. George Bulevard. Then head South on Main Street. There is parking located on the street as well as behind the Tabernacle.

St. George historic tabernacle from the front

What You Will See and Do: 
Sweet senior missionaries will be there to give you a tour. They will guide you around the tabernacle giving you a history of how and why it was built. It is beautiful, historic building that is so rich with history. After the tour, you are free to walk around, take pictures and somewhat explore the tabernacle. You can spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour at the tabernacle. There are stairs involved in the tour, but it can be adapted if you are unable to go up and down stairs.

Meagan in the main hall of the historic St. George tabernacle


Ben on the spiral stairs in the historic St. George tabernacle

Sum Up:
The LDS Historical Tabernacle is a fun, interesting place to visit if you are in St. George. It is free and flexible in its time commitment. It is easy to get to and is a nice change of pace from the normal hiking and other outdoor activities in St. George.

Historic St. George tabernacle from the side