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Our Favorite Products From the Big Outdoors Expo

Last weekend, Ben and I went to the 2nd annual Big Outdoors Expo held in Provo. We had a lot of fun seeing all sorts of exhibits and vendors with lots of super cool products for outdoors enthusiasts.

We came up with a list of our top 5 products from the expo. All of these items are definitely on our purchasing list for our future travels and adventures.

AtlasWare Waterbottles:
My absolute favorite product we saw at the Big Outdoors Expo were the AtlasWare Water Bottles. I am a complete water bottle snob. To find an insulated water bottle, at a reasonable price and in such fun colors and options made me super happy. The design of these bottles is amazing. They stay cold for at least 24 hours and hot for at least 18 hours. I am super in love with these water bottles. Look for a review coming soon!

Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bags:
We really loved these down filled sleeping bags. Brightly colored, these sleeping bags pack up nice and compact, making them perfect for backpacking or your normal travel. I’m loving one of their newest bags that lets you zip two sleeping bags together. With 4 1/2 star ratings on Amazon, you can tell they sell quality products. My other favorite part about these sleeping bags are the prices!

Klymit Sleeping Mats:
When I camp, I still like to be comfortable. And the key to comfort for me is my pillow and a good sleeping mat or air mattress. I loved how Klymit provided comfortable sleeping mats that were able to be compacted and take up so little space!

Light-It-Forward Flashlights:
I fell in love with these amazing flashlights. Imagine a flashlight that gets charged in the sun, can hold a charge for 7 years, is super bright and water proof. Did I mention that this flashlight can also charge your phone?! With a unique light weight design, these flashlights are solar chargeable and you can charge your various devices with them too! But probably one of my favorite benefits of this product is that 50% of your purchase goes towards education in Africa. Light-It-Forward Flashlights are a great product that also help to provide a greater good.

Sure-Start Fire Tool:
While I am not a pyro-enthusiast, I was quite impressed with this handy, dandy gadget. This is a fire starter tool. With a African hardwood handle, this tool has an attached striker/blade and a post that is flint on one side and magnesium on the other. You are able to go the traditional flint and steel route to starting a fire but if that isn’t working, try shaving off some magnesium to help start your fire. Or, you can shave off parts of the handle as well! This is such a neat tool that any backpacker, camper, or fire lover would want.

Honorable Mentions:
Here are two other products that we loved a lot, but they didn’t quite make the cut for our must-have-in-the-near-future list.

Lume Cube
The Lume Cube is a little cube you can attach to your phone, camera, tripod or whatever you want that has a standard screw base on it. It provides a nice even light for photography or you can use it as a light when you’re camping. It is super bright and provides great light. Eventually we’d like to get one so we can play with our night time photography.

MIG Trailer
After going to the RV show last weekend, I got bit by the RV bug. This trailer is a great entry into the RV world. A super light pop up trailer that sleeps 4 adults plus stores all of their gear. It is the one of the smallest trailers we have seen. And the best part, because it is so small and light, it can be towed by almost any car, even a 4-wheeler can pull it! Definitely not on our to-buy list now, but when we are ready for a trailer this will definitely be on our radar.