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The Utah RV Show 2016: Review

Ben has a dream to convert an old VW Microbus into a camping van for us to take across the country and live in. I don’t share that dream. In fact, I have been a hater on RVs, camping trailers, fifth wheels, etc. Until this weekend. We went to the Utah RV Show and my eyes were opened to all of the possibilities of a home on wheels.

The Yellow Van in our favorite trailer

The RV Show was an amazing expo. There were so many different types of vehicles each with completely different features and functionalities. We loved walking around and inside so many different homes on wheels.

With over 230,000 square feet of floor space, there are HUNDREDS of RVs to look at. While we weren’t seriously looking, we did discover that you should really know what you are looking for if you are in the market for an RV. Are you looking for a traditional RV? A trailer? A fifth wheel? Decide what you want and then look at those specific types of vehicles.

We would also suggest setting a budget and only looking at those vehicles that fit in your price range. By going to the RV Show you are going to be saving THOUSANDS of dollars off of the MSRP.

Our last suggestion would be to know what features you need and what features would be nice. How many people do you need to sleep? How big of a kitchen do you need? How much counter space do you want? Do you need a table? Couches? What kind of storage do you want? Do you need a bathroom? What features do you need in your bathroom?

Our favorite trailer. It would go great with our yellow van!

We had a great afternoon at The Utah RV Show. It really opened our eyes to all of the possibilities we can be looking for in the future.

The Utah RV Show is a 4 day event. Tickets are $10 per person 13+ per day with the option for an $18 pass for the whole show. The event is held at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah. Look for the dates in mid-February as well as other information on the website here.