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Grand Canyon: Photography Tips and Tools

When you go to the Grand Canyon, you can expect amazing views all around you. We were blown away by the natural beauty and how different the canyon looked at different times of day and from different places around the canyon.  We saw people from all over the world, both amateurs and professionals, taking pictures of the beautiful place.

While we were definitely on the ammeter side of the photography realm, we were still able to capture some of the awe-inspiring views. Below are some of our tips and the tools that we used while photographing the Grand Canyon.


  • See the sunrise
    • Depending on the time of year, the sunrise may be very early or slightly later in the morning. Either way, it is worth it to get up and see the sunrise! The canyon takes on a completely different look and it is really fun to photograph. When we were there, it was pretty overcast so we didn’t get to see the full sun rising, but the clouds cast the most beautiful purples and blues across the canyon. It was definitely a completely different view than what we had seen throughout our whole trip.
  • See the sunset
    • This is on pretty much everyone’s list, but it is also totally worth it. The guides you get when you enter the park will give you some good information about where to see the sunset. Or you can ask a ranger and they will tell you good spots too. We went an hour or two before the sun set to stake out a spot right on the edge of a cliff and we had a picnic dinner while we watched the sun set. In addition to photographs, we also set up a time-lapse using an iPhone and a Gorilla Pod. It turned out really cool and we used it later in our music video. It can get pretty crowed so we definitely suggest getting there earlier than later.
  • Don’t be afraid to stop
    • We stopped multiple times on our hike down Bright Angel Trail to take some pictures (and for me to catch my breath!). We saw lots of others doing the same as well. We used our selfie-stick and phones as well as setting up our tripod and using the timer on our Canon to take some pictures. We would also stop as we went along the Rim Trail at random outcroppings of rock. All of these pictures look different and we are glad we took the time to stop and take some pictures.
  • Find a spot that isn’t crowded
    • While it is a good idea to stop to take pictures, you will probably want to do it where it isn’t crowded. If you’re at a spot and want to take a picture but there are a lot of people getting in your shot, just walk a short ways down the trail you’re on and you’re bound to find a place with much more scenery. The Grand Canyon is big! There’s plenty of room for everyone to get beautiful pictures 🙂
  • Don’t spend your whole time photographing!
    • While you will want to remember your trip through your photographs, don’t spend the whole time taking pictures! No matter how hard you try, your pictures still won’t be able to completely capture the immense beauty of the Grand Canyon. So enjoy your time there and really take it all it through your own eyes instead of through a lens.